Thermostat wiring

I am trying to wire my thermostat I just got. There are no wiring instructions of any kind in the box.
My current thermostat has a Red wire and Orange jumper in Rc, Orange wire from rc in Rh, White wire in W, Yellow wire in Y, Green wire in G. Blue wire is not used. It has a batter but I am unsure if that is battery back up or the power.
I have connected the wires into the wyze plate. The White is in W1 and the Yellow is in Y1. The Green is in Green. The Red/Orange wires are in Rc (that was a pain to get installed) and the Orange is in Rh. The thermostat won’t power on.
I think I need to use the C adapter but no idea where to install that. Does it install at the furnace? Or at the thermostat? If at the thermostat it is ugly as hell.

I have attached a picture of my wire at the furnace. It appears the blue wire that is not connected at thermostat is wired into com 24v. I tried plugging it I’m to o/b but nothing happened.

Also attached is the wiring of old and new thermostats

Got it figured out. The blue wire from the COMM 24V at the furnace needs to go to the C of the thermostat.
It would be very helpful to have written instructions rather than having to use the app.