Thermostat help wiring

So got my thermostat yesterday and confused on the setup. My old digital one only had white and red with a jumper being used but at the board I see these and not sure what I need to do to get it working

Do you have extra wires that aren’t currently used in the cable that goes to your thermostat? If so, it looks like you have a C connection top left in your picture. I can’t quite make out the others in your photo, but it looks like top right is Y for Yellow which is cooling, but if you don’t have AC like me, you don’t use it. and the right middle looks like G for green which would be for fan control.
If you do have the spare wires in your cable that aren’t being used for your current thermostat, you could hook them up now.

This is at my thermostat. Heating only

Not to butt in, but like raym64 said the top left would be common hook your blue there and hook your blue to common at the stat