Thermostat to a 2 wire Williams Natural Gas Wall Heater

Has anyone tried to hook up a thermostat to a 2 wire Williams Natural Gas Top-Vent Forced Air Wall Heater?

You’re in the wrong section of the forum for this, but you would need a C-adapter transformer like this, connected to Rc and C. Then take the existing wires on your thermostat and connect the red one to Rh and the white one to W1. Tell the wyze that you have those 4 wires during setup. (Rc, C, W1, Rh)

You will be losing one of the nice features of your current thermostat - it works even when there’s no power, so if you wanted to retain this functionality, you could leave the current thermostat attached, and just turn it all the way down. Then run 2 additional wires from the current thermostat to the proper terminals on the wyze, leaving the thermostats hooked up in parallel, so that if the power goes out, you can just raise the temp on the old thermostat to power on the furnace.

I’m assuming you have one of these models.

Uh kinda it’s a taller one and it has fans that kick on after it’s been heating up for a bit.

The fan package is an add on accessory for those. Shown on pages 19-21 of that manual.

It’s more like this one


You’d still need a C transformer, unless you are comfortable taking the furnace apart and attaching a common to transformer common. However you can disregard the part about leaving the old thermostat up, that furnace will not operate without AC power.

Looks right to me.

Nice, you even have a wall outlet right there, just need to put in a 3 outlet grounded wall tap so there’s room to plug in the C transformer, If you wanted to take the cover off the furnace, I could probably walk you through where to attach a C wire instead, but it would be easier to just use the wall adapter.

The plug for it is right next to it lol

I got a power strip plugged into it because we got a fan and a heated bed out side for the cat lol