Thermostat Test Troubleshooting

Received my thermostat and installation was no problem. During test it fails both low heat and cool. Verified wiring tried again same result. Cant locate any applicable troubleshooting guidance.

I just posted the exact same question. I found an article that says in the settings page there is a "switch heat and cool’ toggle. Could not find such a toggle.

its in the settings under advanced. do you have a heatpump?

Yes, it is a heat pump. And no it is not anywhere on the app - I looked everywhere including under advanced. Appreciate the reply.

Heat pump but no toggle in app.

I don’t imagine switching heat and cool toggle would work because high heat works just fine. I also couldn’t find any such setting.

That is very weird. I had the same issue with the flipped hot/cold and I have the toggle in my app. @jamiewakefield93 Maybe you have the toggle in app? I am using iphone btw. I have seen some weird bugs so far. My buddy had to reinstall his app to get the setup to “approve” that the T-STAT was compatible.

iPhone as well. Toggle doesn’t exist. No problem controlling otherwise and heating just fine. Hope to find a solution before I need it in 4 months.

I am using an iPhone as well. There was a firmware update and I did that. The support article says it’s in settings and not even in advanced. I have a support email in, but had put back my old display back in since I doubt I’m going to hear from Wyze any time soon :-(.

The toggle to switch Heat and Cool is ONLY if you have a heat pump system. Most heat pumps energize Y and O for cooling, then Y only for heating. The toggle “toggles” so cooling is Y only and heat is Y and O.

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The toggle switch to reverse was there in my iPhone and I had to use it to get it to pass the test. I had no heat on Heat 1.

Thanks to wherever posted that solution as there was no mention of it during installation.

Thx. I have a heat pump - I’m in Florida, most people do. I have a Y, but not an O. No toggle switch. Still doesn’t past test 1 and 3. The second test does work.