Thermostat stopped working

Hi, not sure what happened but my thermostat stopped working on auto mode. I have tried everything from factory resetting to power cycling and unplugging every wire and reinstalling everything.

Now it will only work if the fan is on the “on” mode and will not work or kick in at all if it’s in auto causing the fan to run all day which i don’t want. I have posted the old and wyze setup below.

I have contacted the support team but they couldn’t help me and said try again later because of the whole AWS system being down. But I feel this should not be affected in that way but please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you for your help.

This is the old setup

Check your fan delay time in advanced settings.


Thanks for the reply. It was set to by furnace. I changed it to 15 seconds and now it’s working again! You’re awesome! Thank you!