Thermostat manual controls?

I just finished installing the Thermostat.

I ‘think’ I did everything correctly. Furnace, fan and compressor all seem to kick on when they are supposed to.

Everything on the app works perfectly.
But manually operating the unit is somewhat confusing.

When it is in ‘Auto’ mode, spinning the wheel only shows the two preset temperature, and I can’t figure out how to do anything else without using the phone app.

How do I take it off ‘auto’, without using the app?

Oh, I’m dumb. The rotary button presses down, in my defense its a abit of a hard press.

[Insert memes here]

The question is why we have to guess this stuff Vs an operating manual??? How long does manual override last for example???

Wyze considers us explorers in a new world. lol

Another piece of info I’ve learned, if your internet disconnects it takes 10-20minutes, after internet returns, for the Thermostat to attempt a reconnect.

Does anyone know of an instruction page or PDF the covers the full manual operation of the thermostat? I’d prefer to dip into the app controls at a later time.