Thermostat location feature

When I was setting up my Wyze Thermostat on my app, I inadvertently entered my home address as the location. Now when I exit the app, I get a message saying: “Wyze app is running in the background. This keeps location-based features running properly.”

Is there any way to clear this so that my app is not running in the background? I tried removing my address (location) in the settings, but it won’t let me. I do not want the app running in the background. Thanks.

The running in the background is located under Account, App Settings, then turn off Running in background. However, this is needed for faster notifications and integration with other Wyze products like the Watch.

I don’t have a Thermostat yet, but I also believe there is a setting in the Thermostat for the follow me or location based settings.

Thanks. But I went into Account / App Settings and the Running in the background was already turned off.

Then I went into the Thermostat settings and under Location it showed a map with my address selected. But there was no way to clear this. I still get the message: “Wyze app is running in the background.”

Is Auto Switch turned on? Auto switch uses your phone’s location to determine whether to switch the thermostat to Home or Away.

This won’t remove your map location, but may stop the app from wanting to run in the background.

If you aren’t using Auto Switch, you can actually set your map location to anything you want.