Thermostat install - no W wire on actual unit

Trying to install my Wyze thermostat. Here is a pic of the thermostat with the Rc, Rh, G, W, and Y wires

The control board inside the unit has the red and yellow wires at Y, green and black at G, white and black at C, and blue at R. To complicate it further, wires appear to be sliced to different colors outside the unit, but I think I can match them. (Pic 2 comment)

The furnace is a Old Honeywell with no obvious model number, but a couple pics of model numbers, wiring, and inside. (Pics 3-5)

The white and red wires that go to the splice point come from here, not the main control panel with the letters. (Pic 6)

Iā€™d appreciate help if anyone knows,

Pic 2 - W is lower right


Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

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Thanks so much!! Finally got a chance to do this today and it is working great! Appreciate the time you took to look at it, Diagram and labeled picture was perfect!