Thermostat ignoring temperature preferences

That spread is what many HVAC manufacturers call the DeadZone. Wyze calls it the Minimum Comfort Zone.

It is the delta between the settings that prevents the unit from switching back and forth between heat and cool if they are too close together while the thermostat is in Auto.

The manual states that this zone is adjustable between 3° and 10°, however I have yet to find that setting. It is supposed to be defaulted to 5°.

I am wondering if this is something set by the board logic at the air handler.

I’m going to do some research and will let you know.

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Thanks. Just for Clarity. I do not have “auto” enabled and I am in cooling mode, but just the same I have to enter a heat target and a cool target in the schedule. Seems insane they would conflict unless you were using auto and the stat had to discriminate heating needs from cooling needs.

I can of course easily adjust the temps for the heating season to get my 70 degrees but it kind of negates having a “smart” thermostat

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