Thermostat Groups and Control

Would like the ability to create groups and put together more than one thermostat. So the main app list does not get too busy!

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I would think this would be more of a sorting group because it wouldn’t make sense to control both thermostats at the same time. Do you agree

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If you create a group. Like the smart plugs. Then inside this group you can pick the thermostat you want to change or view etc. Just so your home page does not get clogged with so many devices.


It would be nice to have a Thermostats group where you can create a mass schedule/settings or even place on hold or set to away en masse. I have five thermostats and they have to be individually scheduled and customized. And the Home Screen is cluttered when they could have been grouped.


I have 35 thermostats, changing each one to what I want is very annoying.

Here is what’s needed

  1. Allow us to group thermostats in the app either by floor or wing of the house.

  2. Allow for batch processing of all settings, I don’t wsnt to set 35 thermostats to the same schedule individually I want to select 15 of those to work the same way.

  3. Allow room averages between 2 thermostats, for example, I have 5 rooms and I want average temperature to be 72 between those rooms.

  4. Thermostat needs to talk to each other.
    I have a seperate thermostat for AC and another for my Infloor heating system. If some rooms get too cold from thr AC pumping I want the AC to shut off instead of just pumping more heat to the floors while cold air coming from above.

  5. Should allow for easy wifi changes not having to rsestart setup process again.

  6. When 10 themostats are powered up and I want to set up 1 I’m standing beside it should show the code on the screen instead of just the wyze logo. I’m running around house trying to find which thermostat is testing to then label and test it.

Overall your system sucks. Please fix it.


In homes with multiple thermostats it would be very helpful to be able to set the mode of a group (eg. “All”) to either Home or Away when traveling. For example, 3 hours from home, turn on all or selected zones.

With baseboard, hot water heat, multiple zones are relatively easy to install. Why not add thermostat groups and group mode control?

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I would love to see a thermostat dashboard. A way to adjust each zone on one screen. I have 4 zones and it is a little bit of a pain to go back and forth and make adjustments.

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Any update on this? For a family with a vacation home with 3 units and 6 zones, you would think it would be easy to set up a “set all thermostats to away.”

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Great idea, I know Wyze can do better than Ecobee

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I need the ability to display and adjust multiple thermostats on one page. Others Apps, like Radiostat, do beautifull job of this. I have 8 thermostats I need to adjust remotely when my vacation house is being used or not.

On just one screen, I’d like to see all 8 thermostats with the current temperature, the Away target temp or the Home target temp and the ability to switch between away and home. I’d like the ability to group thermostats by location and see all thermostats, grouped by location, on one scrolled thru screen.

The norm for other smart devices is to be able to group devices by location and to be able to control a group of devices from one screen rather than have to search by individual device,

Wyze hardware is usually very good. The App looks like a beta version from 15 years ago. It’s way past time to put some effort into modernizing and adding functionality and more friendly display UI in keeping with even your worst competitors, Please help. You can do much better.