Thermostat difficult to impossible to set vacation hold range

We like Wyze enough that we now have three cameras and just added a thermostat. Rather disappointed in the usability of the thermostat, combined with lack of tutorial or reference documentation when you desperately need it because it seems stupid and just doesn’t work the way you think it should intuitively.

In particular, we had to experiment a lot to understand that home, away, and sleep are daily periods, which for some reason are called blocks, which are not the same things as blocking actions, so that was confusing. We found it switching between modes unexpectedly when we thought away would be what we would use to put on a… Vacation hold.

I like the fact that in auto mode, the thermostat can handle triggering both heat and cooling during shoulder seasons when one day is hot and the next is cold, unlike dumber mechanical thermostats with heat off cool switches. However, we are gone a lot and simply want a quick way to hold a range, like 55-80. It is not the away block. It is not anything I can find. It appears I have to manually set both limits, and then press the hold, every time I want to do this. That is annoying. And it is an oversight compared to how dumber old competitor thermostats handle it just fine, although of course they don’t generally allow a range. Although I haven’t proven to myself yet that if I hold a range, in auto mode, it will in fact hold the range and not just one temperature.

Again, providing good reference documentation, even just online, not videos, would resolve this for people who need to answer questions like these.