Thermostat compatible

I have a very old heating system - 2 wires, yup the old short them together its on, separate its off. I tried using the compatibility check, but it wont take 2 wires, it says “there are usually 3-6 terminal wires” and wont go any further. I guess this is UNusual but will the Wyze thermostat work with my system?

@WyzeChuan may be able to answer this for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi sorry, we won’t support 2-wire systems directly. You could contact an HVAC tech to repurpose a C wire, then you will be able to use the Wyze thermostat. The energy saved could payback in a long run. Hope my answer helpful.


What does a C wire do? my furnace is from 1968 and if the C wire would perform to a more “modern” features then should I assume it cant be installed?
Would I be saving that much energy? the programable timer I have now works fine, I was only hoping to add the “remote” feature

The C-wire (aka the common wire) provides power to the thermostat. For existing thermostats without a C-wire, you would use an adapter to send the power down the G-wire. The C-wire adapter most likely won’t work with your system because you don’t have a G-wire. @WyzeChuan can confirm this.

Thanks… Too bad there isnt a battery option.