Thermostat and 2-speed HVAC Blower issues

To begin, I’ve absolutely no experience of HVAC, so if my explanation or terminology is inaccurate in use of terms/words, please don’t shoot me down. I recently replaced my old-school on-wall hvac controller panel, as I loved the idea of being able to remotely control things, as I do with 10+ other Wyze products.

Here is my observation, turning on the heating with the old product, furnace comes on, fan would start slow, then I guess after pre-heat would kick in and run ‘hard’ to heat the house, then it would typically run in easy-mode keeping the house warm.

With the Wyze, what I’ve observed numerous times, is furnace starts, fan start, {btw I have ‘Fan Activation Delay’ set as ‘By Furnace’}, then again after pre-heat the blower kicks into ‘hard’ mode, but let’s expand on this. Say I set it to heat to 70 and house is currently at 64, what I observe is the 2nd-stage blower starts after a few minutes, would run for maybe 2-3 minutes, which during this time the house temp might now be 66, then it goes off… and the slow/easy speed just runs… when the temp gets to within typically 1 degree of the setting {say 70 for this example}, the 2nd-stage comes on again, will run for maybe 2 minutes then the heating goes off and the furnace/blower then is in sustain-mode keeping the house warm. My issue is that I’d like the 2nd-stage when it initially comes to to go all-out to get the house warm much faster as it previously did.

Hope this makes sense, any insights/feedback/idea are very welcome.