Thermometer ordering trouble

I tried to order the Wyze digital thermometer several days ago. When i clicked “Buy”, nothing happened. I scrolled up and down to see if I was missing something, but nothing else appeared. So I clicked on it again. The “cart” icon was dead. By the time I was able to get to “Checkout”, it should FIVE thermometers. No problem, right? Just correct the number. But that link was dead too. And the total was over $260. I ran around in circles fearing I would be charged even if I didn’t execute the purchase (which I didn’t). I sent a message to Wyze support, labeled “Thermometer Order Nightmare”, but uncharacteristically, there has been no response. I’m not wondering if the website was a spoof, which would explain a lot. But I’m sure I got there by clicking on Wyze’s link to purchase the thermometer. OK, I did without it before, so it’s fine. But I kind of need the other shoe to drop.

The website was not a spoof, they have experienced some issues, if you have an order number or support ticket number please post it here. I will get someone from WYZE to look into this soon, probably will not be until Monday though.

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Just checked on your ticket and it looks like you didn’t reply to the bounceback and the ticket automatically closed. Could you please give me your order number? In the meantime, I’ll also send this description to the team.

We’re super sorry that this has been your experience.

WyzeGwendolyn -

  Thanks for your contact.  I do NOT have an order number, since I

didn’t execute the purchase when I couldn’t correct the number of
items (from five to one). I trying to search once more for an
order number, I clicked on “Shop”, and immediately went to
“Checkout”. There, under “Order Summary”, still in my cart, are
five thermometers for a total price of $269.90. With tax, it’s
$286.77. Although there is a hot “Edit” icon for “Ship To:” and
for “Shipping Method:”, there is no way to alter the number of
items in the cart (it still shows five). I’m back to square one.

  Any help is appreciated,

  Jerry Chern

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Well, crud. I can’t find you in the system myself so I can’t really help with this one. Hang on, I’m going to message you. I think I’m going to need the web team to check on your account directly and I’ll need your account email address for that.

Ticket # 571106 sent 12 days ago…no response. I ordered masks and thermometer. I got masks 17days later but no thermometer. 25 days and counting. Order # 001940643. Was supposed to get some free light bulbs too.

I am super sorry about my delay here. I checked and it looks like a Wizard got to your order and replaced it before I did. Thank you for your patience.