Ordered Thermometer on 4/11. It never shipped. Customer service not responding

I ordered an iHealth thermometer through Wyze based on a facebook ad that promised “ships in 1-3 days.” Well here we are three weeks later with no thermometer and customer service hasn’t responded in 4 days.

I have a USPS tracking number, but only the label has been created, USPS was never given the package. This has been the status since April 14th.

Is anyone else having delays like this? I am thinking about just asking for a refund.

Welcome to the forums! Sorry about the issue! Have you created a support ticket yet? Here is the link if you haven’t.. If you have, and if you do, can you post your support ticket number in here to help look into this? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately we are heading into Sunday so we are gonna have to wait until atleast Monday to try and get you some answers when folks return to work.

Yes, I have created at least two support tickets. I have interacted with Kevin, who told me it was being packed on April 15, Sheila, who told me it was being shipped 1-3 business days from April 21, and Raschelle, who asked me to confirm some information before she could ship out a new thermometer. I responded with that information 2.5 hours later, but she hasn’t confirmed she received that information in the past 4 days.

I am generally very understanding about delays considering we’re in the middle of the pandemic. I just feel mislead when this is an essential item and I was told it would ship in 1-3 days when placing the order, then again on April 21. It feels like they keep moving the goal posts.

Most companies don’t charge your credit card until the item ships. However, I was charged on April 11th.

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Hello @BlakeyD and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having, if you could post your support )ticket numbers I can try to get someone to look into it on Monday and make sure this is being handled.

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I sent you a response and we’re working on your replacement order now. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I will try to remember to post updates. I got the order confirmation earlier today.


Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have the same issue, ordered on 4/13, received a shipment confirmation on 4/21, and according to the tracking number, it’s still pre-shipment as of now, two weeks later. I put in a support ticket last Wednesday (ticket 563182) and have not received a reply. Can anyone help?

Same issue here; received shipping confirmation on 4/21 for a label that was printed on 4/15 but USPS tracking indicates pre-shipment (i.e., package has not yet been received by USPS). Even in the current environment, this is a very frustrating delay considering I was already charged. I was considering disputing the charge before finding this thread, and would very much appreciate if anyone is able to assist (support ticket 567230).

@alexb, I tried checking your support ticket number but I’m not seeing an order number there. Could you please provide that to me so I can look into this for you?

@AndrewC, I found your order number in your support ticket and I’m requesting that someone look into it for you. I’ll let you know what I hear back.

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Yes, my order number is 001779183. Thank you!


Thanks Gwendolyn - appreciate it


Just as an update, my thermometer is now being shipped by FedEx, unlike the last order that was supposed to go by USPS. I appreciate Wyze switching this up when the last process didn’t work. It is scheduled to arrive on 5/14. I will try to remember to update this post when it arrives. Thank you Mods for your help on this.


Hopefully everything goes well this time

I"m having the same issue. Ordered on 4/14, shipping email on 4/21 but it’s been in preshipment. Ticket 564046 submitted on 4/30.

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This is why I hate FedEx smartpost shipping. It is also why some shipments get lost. It was supposed to be here today May 6, until they started the rescheduled game. Please stop using the FedEx smartpost. USPS has never let me down.

Same issue here. Please help. Ordered on April 14th. Supposedly shipped on the 21st. Have not received.
Order number 001787424
support ticket 578735

@alexb, we are sending a replacement your direction. Sorry for the lost order!

@AndrewC, I am still waiting to hear back about yours but I’m checking back frequently.

@BlakeyD, you’re welcome!

@dcoquyt and @cwhite, I’m waiting to hear back about yours but I’m checking on the status of this often.


Thank you for your help!