Thermometer not working


Is anyone else having issues with the thermometer thermometer? I have replaced the batteries but lights only blink and then goes dead. I have only used it a few times.

I do not have a thermometer myself, but here are some support pages that may have some answers to your issue. Is you new battery a new or good one? Or if you think it could be a defective unit, i’d get in contact with Support. This is the link to create a support ticket.


Thank you. After doing a fix it search, I came to the conclusion that it’s a defective unit.

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Doh! Bummer! But glad you figured it out and thanks for updating the thread.

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Now to keep my fingers crossed that thermometer gets replaced or that I get full refund. I submitted a support ticket.

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Did anyone give an answer on this? My thermometer just stopped working after 3 months. Same problem and it just flashed with new batteries and dies.

I reached out to customer support and they sent me out a replacement. My thermometer was just flashing all symbols.