The Wizards Are Nothing But Card Readers

Wyze was great when they first started. Now they are selling too many products and the camera operations is suffering.

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Should I get the reference to “card readers” because… I don’t. :smiley:

I don’t think card reader is an apt description. However, I would agree that they undoubtedly have a troubleshooting script to follow and when that doesn’t work the Wizards have nothing more they can do. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a valid escalation path at the end of the script.



Tarot cards

Yes, it is called tech support. They used to have that and stopped when they got too greedy. One wanted me to call back in a week if I was continuing to have a problem with the Lock Bolt which at the time was not working. I said, “Are you kidding me?”

Tech support used to be critical to businesses. However, I’ve seen the same problem with other companies. T-Mobile internet services outsources tech support to the Philippines as well and has the same “script” problem as Wyze. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Philippines, specifically, just with tech support in general. One significant problem is the language issue. Had similar problems working with tech support in India on some major business software before I retired.

Hopefully you will see the volunteers here (Mods and Mavens) as separate from any support issues you have. We are fellow users like yourself in an unpaid volunteer status.

The official support people have a very, VERY hard job. They have to deal with frustrated customers all day long. But they also have the power to correct your situation. So please be tolerant with them! :slight_smile:

I am tolerant but at some point tech support needs to have an escalation path that works. Also, from my most recent experience with Wyze tech support, the “wizards” need better training. The “wizards” plainly don’t read information presented to them and simply “follow the script” even when the problem presented is clearly not the one to which the “wizard” responds.

And in support of my point:


No they don’t. Or at least, if Wyze is properly supporting them it doesn’t have to be a hard job. Wyze is failing here and it continues to make me reluctant to recommend Wyze or purchase anything else from them.

I’ve had to do this sort of job. Customer support starts during the design phase, it means including feedback from your customer support team who is going to have to field questions. It continues through the testing and pre-release. Get them involved early. It doesn’t need to be extensive but often customer support can give great “common mistakes” feedback.

More importantly, if customer support is dropping things into a blackhole and the engineering team has no desire, concern or impetus for actually fully and completely addressing the complaints, concerns and problems encountered by customers then there is a serious breakdown.

I’m waiting for a small but critical bug to be (a) acknowledged and then (b) fixed in the app (with possible firmware implications but it seems unlikely). It’s been months and customer support was explicit that their customer support tracking system is not integrated with bug tracking and development. Fine… that takes time but that doesn’t negate the importance of communication.

If customer support at Wyze is a hard job it’s because Wyze is making it hard.

Is that because the executive team doesn’t value customer support? Is it because they are overwhelmed by the increased number of products? Is it because the customer support team isn’t empowered to report issues and have them addressed? Is it because engineering has been directed to ignore any issue that doesn’t impact a high revenue product?

I don’t know but it all comes down to a bottom line that it really looks like Wyze doesn’t have a good plan on sustainable growth. If you can’t support your product line by addressing quality issues you enter a spiral of doom where the quality continues to drop and that negatively impacts the brand and so less products get sold which means less issues can be addressed and fewer products can come to market.

That is hard but to say providing good customer service is hard is just crazy. We know how to do it, spend the money to do it right and empower the leadership of that effort to be responsive.

This isn’t just a ‘customer service issue’ it calls into question their entire business plan or their ability to execute well on that plan. We already know they can’t sustain “cheap forever” as the cost of cameras has gone up so they are going to have to compete on quality eventually and it looks like they are only giving lip service to that reality.

And on the off chance anyone from Wyze reads this I’ll say what I think the experience should be like: Tell me whether I’ve found a bug or it’s working as designed with no intention to fix within 2 weeks. Engineers too busy? Change your priorities – you are sacrificing your quality and, more importantly, your reputation by failing to finish the job.

Wish list items and new products are flashy but extreme frustration comes from not fixing something that’s broken.

I want Wyze to succeed. I just worry that they are pulling a classic ‘expanding too fast to maintain quality’ move that will bite us all in the butt.

Wow. Sorry, probably could have said that more concisely but /rantover.