The Bored Chickens Wyze Coop + Run & Range Cams

Got a Wyze V2 inside the coop and a Wyze Pan near the run and shaded range.

Just made a facebook page to stream them live, Welcome to check it out, if you like watching bored chickens the feel free to join.

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I know a number of people who would love to watch their Wyze cams this way, but I deal with FB as little as possible, so please pardon my ignorance.

How are you streaming your Wyze cam to FB Live? RTSP, BlueStacks, Streamlabs?

I thought there were time limits on FB Live events, but this stream has been running for what, 5 hours? Are you allowed to do 24/7 live FB streams now? Free?

In the Hot One Today video, you’re playing the music for the chickens or dubbing it in later?


Hey Sodcam!

The current setup is on my PC with BigNox (similar to bluestacks) downloaded TinyCam and connected my cameras to Tiny Cam. With TinyCam Pro you can actually just connect right to FB or Youtube or any other platform. However I used OBS Studio (streamlabs is a fork of OBS) to capture the BigNox window so I can put the music in the background and have other options I may add later.

no music for the chickens yet. :smiley:

FB allows you to stream 8 hours and save that to your wall. You can also stream over 8 hours (not sure the exact limit but a few days) however facebook will not save the video.

Everything was free except if you get TinyCam Pro (which I had already for years) but it will work on the free version just the same. Tonights will run for a few more hours, switching from the Run/Range Cam to their Coop cam and then ill shut it down until another time.

Hope that helps!


Just wanted to add there seems to be several different ways to achieve these same results,

It does - Thank You Cuddy! :smiley:

I’m a recent convert, but huge fan of tinyCam Pro ( worth way way more the pittance it costs! ), but never tried to connect to FB or YouTube. Everytime I study that app, there seems to be something new, or something I’ve missed that it can do! :grinning:

Currently use BlueStacks and MEmu, but have not gotten around to BigNox/Nox yet. Hope to try it soon. Differing PCs often seem quicky about what emulator they will work with! :rage:

Know of OBS, but nothing about it. It looks like a lot of fun from reading the website just now! :grinning:

Wow! Had no idea FB would let you save that much video!

Thanks again! Now I got a lot more learning to do! :grinning:

No problem, if you have any questions or get stuck let me know! I’ll be happy to help where i can.

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Are you sure? Pretty sure one was dancing. :grinning:

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LOL. This could be true.