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ASUS router perhaps? I posted this a few days ago.

I have an ASUS RT-AC3200 router, have “Airtime Fairness” set, but don’t have WiFi issues with Wyze cams.

I’m not going to be any help at all. I just feel like jumping in here and bragging. I must be very lucky since I have a mix of Ring devices, Wyze devices, Logitech devices, and even a fun lux cam and I have zero dropouts, zero freezeups, Live on demand with no delay, all my little Wyze scripts and shortcuts work as designed, and never any downtime except when the Wyze servers acted up.
I use an Eero mesh router.

I found out early in the Wyze game that distance from a bridge is ridiculously short range. After covering that issue, it’s been a gravy train.

So, that’s my story, and it’s a good one… for me. It just never makes any sense to me when somebody has massive bunches of issues. There has to be an underlying, common problem in the system.

I had an ISP provided router from a fresh install last year, just moved, i was not getting anywhere near the speeds i was paying for (it was enough to stream and run things, but that wasn’t the point). I called and told them i was having wifi issues and they sent a tech out, he ran some tests and said he would be right back…a few minutes later he came back with a different wifi router, he said that the other one is the most common they use, but if a customer is needing more then they have this one…and it has been rock solid with amazing speeds. Not saying they will def be able to upgrade you, but its worth a shot :smiley:

Being extra nice and talking to the tech - explaining what was going on, as well as offering him something to drink, probably didn’t hurt getting the upgrade.

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Just a heads up with my personal experience for anyone reading - my parents had the same SSID for 2.4 and 5…then got some wifi bulbs they wanted me to hook up, it was really difficult with the SSID being the same name for both networks, mostly because i needed their phone on the 2.4 to setup the bulbs and it would automatically default to 5 Ghz. I ended up having to go into the routers settings and shut off the 5Ghz temporarily while i initialized the bulbs (did this so i didn’t have to reconnect other devices to a new SSID). FWIW I would give the networks diff names when setting it up, even if its the same base name with 2.5 and 5 at the end so you know which network you are on.

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Just my two cents. I was having very similar issues and thought i was going to have to throw in the towel too. It ended up my WiFi network was at fault (bought a new 2400 sq ft house and previous WiFi wasn’t strong enough). I bought a google WiFi 3 pack to saturate my house to have no dead spots and everything started working great! I suspect the WiFi on the Wyze cameras were just barely not strong enough for my previous setup to punch through the walls (it is only $20 after all)

We’re sorry that you’ve been having all of these experiences! It sounds like you’re pretty set on taking a break from Wyze products and we apologize for things getting to that point. If you ever want to work on troubleshooting with our team, please let me know. I’m happy to escalate your ticket for you. While this sounds like a connection strength issue, I would want to look into what is causing it (may or may not be your network but that’s a good thing to rule out).


I own the ASUS RT-AC68U and the Airtime Fairness setting definitely seemed to be a factor. Could also be related to router firmware version. In any case, would help with troubleshooting if the OP would let us know what brand/model of router he/she owns.

Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good. There are many sub-par “new” routers on the market. Assuming yours isn’t one of those, have you tried updating the firmware? The odds that all of your Wyze cameras are bad are astronomical. If you have a smartphone I would download a WiFi signal strength app to test the areas where these cameras are placed. Many things can effect WiFi coverage. Don’t assume the end-product is the reason for your issues. Have you tried bringing one or more of your cameras over to a friends house to test?

Actually it is. Period. Thumbnails do not require much signal to get them to work, but a full screen would. Ever try to watch a YouTube video in full screen but it doesn’t play correctly? Same type of issue…

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Hey AngelArs

Do you know if this “problem”:

is solved by any of the latest and greatest gear? Honest question, I have no experience with anything but basic stuff.

While I agree with the sentiment of your post, I don’t agree with the quoted example.

Whether you watch a YouTube stream, windowed or full screen, it’s the same stream. Your device is simply blowing up frames. It’s not using much more network bandwidth. If it skips frames, it’s because your GPU can’t keep up, not your WiFi.

Actually exactly opposite. If I can download and play the local copy just fine but can’t play the streamed version it is the WiFi that is having the issue not the GPU.

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Actually no, you’re comparing apples and oranges. You can’t compare displaying a local file vs a stream. I’m comparing displaying a stream on a windowed vs full screen.

Try this. Try to view low res You Tube video. Then make it full screen. You’ll see artifacts. It’s because in full screen mode, there is no added detail. It’s the same data coming through the WiFi.

I understand what you are saying, I think you misunderstand me. Here is an example I use all the time to illustrate.

Go to YouTube on a laptop on WiFi. Select a hi res video. Play it, if the video is constantly buffering and choppy do this.

Plug an Ethernet cable in hooked to your same router. Turn your WiFi off. If the play back drastically Improves you have a WiFi issue not a GPU issue.

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Assuming everything else is the same hardware-wise (like your GPU can keep up), if it buffers on full screen/WiFi, it’ll buffer in windowed/WiFi mode as well.

Switching from windowed to full screen mid-stream is a purely a local event. The server doesn’t even know it happens. Were it not so, there’ll be a hiccup every time, as server has to discard the current pipeline and to send another stream.

I am not debating windowed vs full screen I am comparing WIFi to wired when you are having buffering issues. If the buffering stops and the only thing you changed was WiFi vs Wired then you have a WiFi issue plain and simple.

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking :wink: Are you trying to find out if there is a way to auto set which is the best channel to use? Most good wifi apps will show you how much traffic is on each channel so you can set it up manually if you want. Asus routers have an ‘Auto’ setting and it continuously looks for the best channel to use and sets it there. Not sure which other routers have this feature but probably most newer AC style routers would. Hope that helps.

That wasn’t my point in my initial response to AngelArs . If you go back to it, you’ll see that he is implying that in full screen mode, there is more data coming through the WiFi. Which isn’t true.

You seem to disagree on that point when you responded to mine. Now it seems you are talking about wired vs WiFi. It’s confusing.

Ok, I did look. I don’t see where he is comparing full screen to windowed?

Do you see “wired” there at all? I see WiFi.