Text Message from Camera?

Hi New Here.
Is it possible to receive a text message when a notification is sent from the camera?
Also is it possible to be notified on the phone immediatly when a motion is trigerred. Even if the Wyze app is not running?


Text message? Yes. Integrate your devices into Alexa and create an Alexa routine. You are not limited to just text messages there too.

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Welcome to the forums! The Wyze ecosystem does not send texts or emails when events are received, only app notifications. @Sam_Bam has recommended a great way using 3rd party services that you can set up to get texts though. When a camera up loads a clip, you will be notified on your device which has the app installed and has notifications enabled, regardless if the app is open or not.


Wait, first, that’s for person detection only, yes?

More importantly, I don’t see a way to do the requested text (SMS) messages at all? Just notifications.

yes, you are correct. notifications. But won’t notifications give the same alert to the phone even if its not specifically a text message.

Yes and no. For many people including me, notifications are not reliable or timely, and they require the specific app be running. SMS text is as universal and timely as it gets and it stinks that it’s not more widely used for services like this.

Also, text messages will make it through in low signal areas where a data pushed notification never will.

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