Temporarily powering V3 off a radio powered by a 20-volt 2-amp battery

Can anyone speculate on how long a V3 camera with continuous recording could be powered by a radio which is powered by a 20-volt 2-amp battery? I have a collection of cordless power tools that includes a Bluetooth AM/FM radio that has a Type A port used to charge smart phones and the specs say the radio port outputs 1 amp. The goal being to achieve temporary wildlife video capture at night in a dark wooded area within WiFi range.

20 volts at 2AH is 40 watt hours so assuming a fairly efficient DC to DC conversion efficiency, 8 to 12 hours. Longer if the IR illuminators are off.


You will need to test it

When I first started trying out Wyze cams I plugged one into a cigarette lighter socket using a phone micro-USB charger and it lasted a few days before I had a battery to low to start the truck.

Battery was old though but still it discharged it enough to make the starter solenoid go clickety-click…:rofl:

I did a similar thing last December. I have 2 Wyze cameras in my truck plugged into a cig lighter to quad USB adapter. When I had Covid, obviously I was not going out. Five days later my monitoring program reported that the two truck cameras could not longer be pinged. Went out and the remote would not unlock the door. Starter would not even click. Plugged it in for a while to a charger and it started OK. Cameras came back once they had power…