Temperature Correction - adv setting to lower minimum temp (garage or similar)

The Temperature Correction setting is intended to adapt the temperature of the thermostat if it’s not situated in a location that reflects the overall room temp.

But it seems that it’s also effective in lowering the minimum temperature of the thermostat. For example I have an external building that I want to keep at 40 but the minimum that the Wyze thermostat can be set is 50 degrees. I replaced a very manual thermostat that is intended for this use and could be set down to 35.

But a workaround is to set the Temperature Correction to +10, this tells the thermostat to “pretend” that 50 is actually 40. The only downside is that you need to remember the adjustment, so I’ve added -10 to the name of the thermostat so that I remember that the indicated temperature is actually 10 degrees lower. Now if I want to set the temperature to a real 50 degrees I have to set it to 60.

I originally thought that I could use the “Safety Temperatures” which turns on the heat if it reaches a preset temperature. But unfortunately this doesn’t maintain that low preset temperature. Instead it switches the thermostat to the preset Home setting.

A minimum temperature setting of 40 degrees is much needed!

Released today, iOS Beta 2.18 now has a 35 degree minimum and even a “None” setting.

The Safety setting is a good idea, but why can’t I lower the temp when the heat is on? It’s a major pain to have to turn the thermostat of when you want the temperature just above freezing.

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Would be great if minimum temp were lower than 50F. What is the reason that 50F is the minimum?