Synology Surveillance Station Connectivity?

Is anyone using a Synology Surveillance Station with their Wyze camera?

If so then what port number are you using?

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As far as know, you cannot connect these cams to a NAS - even with the rtsp firmware. I have a synology nas and would love to be wrong.

Yep, I just saw where MaxDrive has been cancelled. Very sad news.

I thought that as long as there was RTSP connectivity we were good to go…

Guess not :frowning:

Blue Iris is out, so I guess I’ll try SecuritySpy and Xeoma to see if either of those work.

These cameras do not work with Synology… I hope they would. Part of the potential solution to make them work with Synology would be for Wyze to implement the ONVIF protocol. You can, if you want this feature vote for that here: ONVIF Protocol