Swivel 3v not offered

Why don’t they offer a swivel cam in v3?

Not sure what you mean. The Pan V2 has the same camera as the V3. Same starlight sensor, etc.


Not sure what you mean but my older pan v2 is no where near the video quality of the v3 camera I purchased.

Maybe because it’s an older version??

The Pan V2 is sold out anyway lol

There are two versions of the PanCam…V1 and V2. V2 is the current version with the same or similar specs to the V3. I have both.


Ahhh I must have the V1. Thank for your help : )

I see they sell them on Amazon but for over $50 bucks. smh I wonder if Wyze will have them in stock again soon?

I think if it was available directly from Wyze it wouldn’t be much lower: $39.99 for the camera plus $8.99 shipping is $48.98 (same as Amazon).

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Yeah, I just bought one from Amazon earlier. Pretty much the same after shipping from WYZE. I have Prime so it’s free : )

Yikes talk about a low profile release. I’m in here every day and somehow missed this. So it’s just the same 1080p as the V1, no waterproofing, and no new features at all except the starlight sensor?

Interesting spec considering the current Lite furor:

Free, Rolling, 14-Day Cloud Storage

You have free access to saved motion and sound-triggered Event Videos for rolling 14 days for the life of the product.

The second version of the Pan was announced 6 months ago in Sept of last year. They added a Starlight sensor, Siren, better processor… And removed USB port on the back.

You replied to the announcement thread, @Customer. :slight_smile: