Swiping videos hangs app at end of each hour block

On Arlo, I was used to just swiping through footage for a day, then when done with that day, backing out and choosing another day, and repeat.

The Wyze app will only let me do that within hour blocks of video. When I get to the end of an hour and swipe for the next video.it hangs for a bit on a blurred white screen, then returns an error about being unable to find the video if I leave it long enough. Then IF it lets me back out to the list (it sometimes hangs here), I can’t do anything else, the app is hung and I have to restart it to view the next hour block.

Google Pixel 4 is the phone.

Yeah, it’s a thing with Android devices… :expressionless:

I believe I filed a ticket, but the more the better. :wink:


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