Support for broken camera

can someone point me in the right direction for support? i can’t believe Wyze doesn’t have live chat as an option! I have a broken Wyze Cam 3 camera that doesn’t power up.

Call support 1-206-339-9646 or 1 -844-999-3226 M-F 4AM-8 PM U.S. Pacific time. Saturday is 8 AM-4PM. And they do have chat on the support page. Tap Support top of this page, when that is open go to the green box lower right corner tap it.

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Welcome to the forums! @Antonius provided some good info about how to call and where the chat option is.

Have you tried a different outlet? Have you tried a different power brick? Any 5v1a or 2a cell phone usb wall brick will work. Different cord, if you can find one that fits? Another thing is to try the supplied usb brick and cord on a different device that takes the same micro usb to see if it turns on or charges.

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