Actual human service?

Ok I have 6 wyze v3 cameras… 5 work fine… 1 is absolute garbage… I’ve tried support on app at least 5 times sending logs trying to chat on that obsolete chat box… They email me back with “how was your chat?” after the fact the 4 chats I’ve had ended up getting disconnected as support ask for ver # or update ver… Go back to chat and lost support… Pathetic… Anyways this camera has mind of its own… Turns on and off when it wants… Crackling noise comes out once in a while…loud screeching sound comes out when it wants… Can’t turn on from app unless you unplug power and replug it in socket… I’m done with the crappy support system they have… I’m hoping someone in here has an actual phone number so I can talk to a human and hopefully not get disconnected… This camera is defective and trying to get service is disgusting…

(206) 339-9646 is their number. They are staffed M-F 5am-6pm Pacific and Sat 8am-4pm Pacific


I just called their CS the other day, the call was answered quickly, the gal that answered (I believe it was Sara) was very friendly and helpful, opening a ticket for my issue!