Suggestion- quit updating app and cameras if they are working

my camera no longer works either
they were all ok until the required updates
now none work
updating the app made things worse too
what junk wyze is now and they don’t give a [mod edit]
just [mod edit] things up with the [mod edit] this and that if you want the camera to work
got news 4 u wyze
you are not the only ones who sell cameras
i have the money to buy more
but not yours

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Sure, wyze cams are inexpensive, but they’re also often inoperable (thanks primarily to firmware updates, which I recommend NOT installing), so what’s the point? Even the rudimentary AI wyze uses sucks—and it’s actually not wizardry to develop basic and functional AI models like wyze uses.

I’m going with another, albeit costlier, vendor that actually cares about what it designs, manufactures and supports, and doesn’t rush stupid things like gun cases out into the market before ensuring its core products work properly. The notion behind wyze wasn’t horrible, but its execution is.


I don’t think you can win this game, if you don’t update your cameras and app, then Wyze may update something on their servers that break the app/camera software if it is too old. The best bet is to keep your devices updated but wait a week or so after new software comes out to upgrade. I on the other hand put the Beta software on as soon as it is available. I haven’t had that many problems. I also have to keep Tinycam updated.

I don’t update unless I have to. Unless Wyze itself or its P2P providers are compromised, ancient firmware is perfectly safe behind my cheap ISP provided router.

Kind of a moot point now that they forced the updates though.

So with all the brouhaha about the “massive security vulnerability” in the cameras, which is it: Leave my cameras alone or patch for the issue?

Oh patch for sure. Benefits mostly outweigh the risks for most people.

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Man, do I agree…! Everything was fine for a while…they they start tinkering again. On top of this, I was running 2 Cams then I was gifted a camera. I enrolled in Cam Plus for this camera, and then couldn’t apply Cam Plus to the gifted camera. Some sort of bookkeeping thing I’m thinking, but they wanted a log of the event and asked me to try and re-create it. As if. I ended up cancelling the 3rd subscription. I just want to enjoy these wonderful little cameras…too much angst…!

I am a bit annoyed that despite them now stating the update was problematic and they’re working to fix it, nobody bothered picking up the phone…even after a full 45 minutes on hold.
This is the first firmware update I have ever had a problem with from Wyze…and there have been many.
I typically let the system update all cameras at the same time. They usually reboot and come right back on.
This time, camera #4 never came back up.
That call was actually my first ever to Wyze for customer support.
The fact it went unanswered, does not instill a lot of confidence for future purchases.
Weren’t these folks at one time known for product innovation and good customer service?


I experienced the same thing with my v2 cam firmware update! Very frustrating!

This happen to me , cameras were fine until the March 16 update but I have read there is a security leak with Wyze cams if they do not push the patches,

I worked IT at a fortune 500 company for 30 years, 10 as a manager, we supported over 2,000 servers. Our rule was the same, if there are no issues, nothing in the error logs, don’t change anything, don’t upgrade the firmware. We would research what the firmware was fixing, and if that was not our issue, we didn’t use it. That is pretty much an industry standard safe practice. But security patches were the opposite, we would patch test servers immediately, and check server performance, also a best practice. So test one camera to be safe and sure if you use your common sense and think there is a need.


the only nice thing about the cameras was the fact you got 12 sec of recording free
as stated on the box
now wyze has taken that away
and if you want it back
you have to pay
and people that pay
still don’t have it
what a piece of crap company
lying constantly
and feeding bs as support
not answering calls
or the reports they ask for
other than the generated robot responses

That is the exact firmware which killed my camera.
I did the update based on the note about security.
It is absolutely astounding to me that no notices came out to registered owners about patch difficulty, when it seems to be a known issue.

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I see a load of angry notes and get angry too. But I’m 70 now and have seen a few sides of a few things. I have Cam Plus on three cameras for about $15 a year and the rest of the cameras, five of them, cost me $1.25 total for cam plus lite each month. For what I have experimented with, and what charges can be, this is low. But when you are used to free is irratitating.

They made a mistake in offering free recording in the beginning and they made a mistake in offering very low hardware prices with a razor thin profit margin. When the chip shortage hit everyone they nearly went bankrupt. They made a mistake and made pricing changes in order to survive. I see hardware priced the same as ours but with specs less then what we get. The V3 is a crazy good bargain from my perspective, love the night vision, time lapse, ability to constantly monitor my backyard.

I paid for TinyCam pro for a one time price that lets me play around with this hardware and that too is an incredible bargain to me, only because I have been at it for decades, prices for tech used to be crazy expensive.

I understand people feel screwed around with. I’ve experimented with electronic since I was 16 and I’m 69 now. I know what it takes to make these things and from my perspective this stuff is a bargain. A friend of mine bought an Apple II, Centronics printer and a hard drive for $7,000 back in the mid 80’s, now they are around $700. My perspective is different

Getting nickle and dimed, like I am from cable companies, pisses me off, so I understand your feeling. And now prices are going up on everything after covid has subsided, and now everyone is making up for it, that is getting on my nerves.

My wife and I have gone to the Ukraine Museum in NY to paint Easter eggs just as something different to do. Nice people, we had a nice time, and now I see this news. I try and keep my anger in perspective but I still get annoyed at the small things.

Hang in there, sorry to hear about another annoyed person, we all have good reason to be annoyed and we are all allowed to be annoyed.

wyze constantly refuses a person to log in
says incorrect password
lying pos
i have this information written down
they just want people logged in that will glorify their [Mod Edit] products

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Does Wyze disclose specifics about what the firmware is fixing? If so, where can that information be found?

So it’s “pretty much industry standards”?.. Fine… But I am not an industry…just a simple home owner who really doesn’t want to be bothered with all this… And, I know, I could use a different product. The first thing I’m told when there’s a problem with my camera is to download the most recent version of whatever it is…firmware, software.
Many times I’m dead in the water because I don’t really understand what it is I ought to be looking for. I think the technical approach to customer service is a mistake. Put me be in contact with someone who can “translate” down to my level. The terse (for example) …“create a log”…copied verbatim from what I see when I Googled the question prior to contacting Wyze, means nothing to me. I try to be worthy of Wyze,…really I do! But I can’t help but feel I’m failing…!!!

I agree that Wyze has difficulty in maintaining a well-educated staff (customer service types) who are both technically proficient – and ALSO understand how to speak with clients in an appropriate manner. You often fine one or the other – and when I find both – I thank you a lot for their excellent assistance.

I’ve created a log – and the tech walked me thru where to go to do just that. I realize that I’m simply sending data to them, and we don’t get direct feedback from the log. I believe others review multiple logs and look for correlations of errors that may point to a need for new updates.

As I’ve said previously on the forums – I get tired (Very Tired) of the constant barrage of updates. When it’s working – just leave it alone. All of my products are working well currently – and I’m ignoring the updates for now. For many of us – it’s a kind of love / hate relationship w/ Wyze.

When struggling w/ tech support – you can always call back and see if the next person is a bit more attuned to your needs.

Thanks for the suggestion! Never thought of calling to see who’s next in que for me. Be well, happy and peaceful…!