Submit log "paper airplane" icon covering keyboard

Anyone else bothered by the Submit log “paper airplane” icon covering part of the on screen keyboard when trying to name a camera or camera group? For me it always covers the letter “L”, and I can’t find any way to make it go away. This appears to be Android only as I just discovered that the icon DOES disappear when I try to name a camera on my #$%^& iPhone (which I hardly use for Wyze). And yes, the screen capture shows a camera name that includes an “L”, but it was named before the icon was added.
iOS version 2.19.16
Android version 2.19.11 (although the problem has been around every since the paper airplane icon was added).

Go to Account, App Settings, uncheck Submit Log Button. That will make it go away.


You can also long press on the airplane icon and drag it around the screen.

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Turning it off sounds like the preferred solution.

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I think that is Beta app specific.

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