Submit a ticket ? Totally misleading

I wish the website and app development team knew the difference between a FAQ support search and a submission of support ticket.

I wish I could submit an email or form or something, like one would assume “submit a ticket” did instead of having to call. I can quickly type up all the information and you can get back to me rather than waiting around and doing all of this on the phone so someone else can type up all that I’m saying and submit it and tell me to do all the same things your little faq search tells me, then finally actually post a ticket so someone can do something.

I thinking about returning all the products for a refund rather that have to find time and sit around in the phone with your tech support. It’s a tiny contact sensor and I really didn’t care about it not working but after trying to deal with your submit a ticket b.s. I think I’d rather just return it all and make sure I tell my friends to stay away from this brand.

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