Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware

For those that have encountered problems with live-feed of the Doorbell alarm that is stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating, or does not show live-feed: if you are using WYZE app on iOS devices, just log out and log back in to the app. This fixes the problems for me. Good luck!

Logging out and back in doesn’t work for me. Still stuck at 3 of 3 and can’t get live feed.

I tried logging out and back in and it’s still the same. Still stuck on 3 of 3 and won’t show live view.

I created rules to restart the doorbell at sunrise and sunset.
I went into advanced options and set the Night Vision Mode to "ON not “Auto”.
I also changed the view to 480p from HD.
The view is in black and white (and recorded footage) unfortunately, but at least you can connect most of the time with these settings.
Seems like a lot to have to put up with for a doorbell camera.
I am patiently waiting for a firmware, android app, or back-end server fix for this problem.
I am afraid to install the garage door opener I purchased!

I am still limping along with the emergency hack on the Doorbell (using Night Vision Mode ON, not AUTO). I am hoping for a permanent fix soon, because I still have trouble displaying live video sometimes even with all these hacks and workarounds!

You should get a check from Wyze for all that work.

I’m still having issues but now it says connecting on step 1 of 3 and freezws

Yeah this week so far its been worse than normal. A lot of 1 of 3 authentication.

Go to Doorbell Alarm’s Advanced Settings, set Night Vision Mode to “On”. This will let you see “live” mode if you don’t mind black and white video. It works for me the last few days. One more thing, the recording still shows color footage if someone is detected at the door.

Wow! You’re right. I worked for me immediately. Thank you so much. I absolutely love WYZE and have a ton of their devices but it’s ridiculous that it’s taking them this long to fix this!

That’s if you can even connect to the camera to make the change.

As soon as you launch live view, don’t wait for it to authenticate. Immediately press the settings gear :gear:.

I get a “Change night failed”. Thats pretty much with anything if I attempt to make a change without it actually authenticating 1st…

That’s just not right! :man_facepalming:

A roadblock at every turn!

Have you secured the universal Fix-it tool in case you need it? :hammer:

lol. I keep getting alerts of motion but the live view is very rare. If it does connect its only for a few seconds. Most of the time the cloud recordings dont even work. “Error code 6.”… All while the device shows 3 bars of signal. At this point, even if this thing had a lan port, I still think it would not authenticate.


I started experiencing the same authenticating issues several days ago–took about a minute for the doorbell cam to show a video feed. All of a sudden within the past 10 minutes or so the authentication appears to have started to work somewhat normally–sometimes it starts to authenticate then goes back to the home screen and I have to try again AND THEN it pops on! Sometimes it notes failed to connect to the internet the automatically cycles and then takes 20-30 seconds to connect with a video. Guess what? While writing this I am back to being stuck in 3 of 3–this time it only took about 20 seconds for the video to pop on!! An anomaly or was/is there some server-side issue that Wyze refuses to admit? VERY STRANGE!! OMETHING IS GOING ON AND I DO NOT THINK IT IS A PROBLEM WITH MY EQUIPMENT!!!

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I am hoping for a new firmware candidate soon to address this problem and/or an android app/back-end server fix. I am tired of running it in black and white mode (Night Vision Mode ON) and in 480p.
I also set a schedule to restart it at sunrise, noon, and sunset.

Right this minute it’s again working just fine. I also had a problem with one of my pan cams going offline yet still recording on the installed SD card and the ability to view livestream. It went offline every day for over a week, and I had to unplug/plug it in to get it to reset, only for it to go offline again! So I tried to MANUALLY re-flash it (even thought it had the current firmware). It did NOT work as planned–I got into a situation wherein I needed to install the cam fresh, BUT when it completed the process it not only retained the current firmware but also kept all of the presets I had made on it prior to this procedure! For the first time in several weeks, EVERYTHING appears to be working as advertised!! I hope that this will continue!!!

Yes, I am still having the same issue with my doorbell alarm cam. No live-feed if you set your cam’s Night Vision Mode to Auto. Wyze just updated its iOS app a few days ago. Also new problems with View Playback of Cam v2: sometimes it records, sometimes it stops recording. It has to be power recycled to go back to recording.

I am starting having doubts about Wyze camera products. They are not working as they are advertised. Maybe Wyze has too many product lines, and in too many things??? Wyze doesn’t focus to make one product well.

Also their customer support group’s sometimes acting clueless. No matter how you explain the problems that you have encountered with their products, they just ignore what you are saying.

Maybe time to look for other alternatives, any suggestions???

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Guess what, friends? Doorbell cam stuck again on step 3 of 3, getting video data. Still appears to be recording when notifications are triggered, as I did see a snippet of a video recorded 10 minutes ago but NO current Livestream is connecting. FYI, my 5 indoor cams are working like a charm! My vote is that Wyze is experiencing severe intermittent server-side and/or firmware issues with the doorbell cam, as I don’t believe that we all are having the SAME LOCAL ISSUES!

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I’m at with the same problem…been going on at least couple of months now. I opened up ticket 2174390 because I’m sick of waiting for a solution. They need to know more people are having this problem.