Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware

Ty. Im going to give that a shot. The screws are very small so hopefully it holds.

I hear you but I exchanged the doorbell that had the .060 firmware update and exchanged it for a unit that came with an old .267 and on top of the 3 of 3 issue, it now has a weird power issue where the door bell itself kind of shuts down. Not blinking lights, nothing. I have to powercycle it and it will stay for a few hours. Im just wondering if its a power distribution issue. I just want to eliminate any uneeded wiring… What a headache with this thing.

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Yea, I would just wait for the developers to release a fix. I’m not trying anything or putting anymore effort into it bug squashing time :pray:

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I would suggest testing the line voltage and amperage with a multimeter to make sure your getting power within the acceptable range. These can be picked up pretty cheap for a basic unit.

Same issue. Didn’t have a single issue until the firmware update. Is there a way to see that Wyze is actually monitoring this thread and taking a look at this? If you factory reset the doorbell (is that possible) will it downgrade the firmware?

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More likely that they are not. However, they are monitoring over on the Fix it Friday Thread where they are collecting logs for examination.

Suggest you click on the link below and leave a post over there with the description of the problem and log numbers.

I saw this workaround on the doorbell beta firmware thread:
Turn Night Vision Mode ON (take it off the default setting of AUTO).
Advanced Settings
Night Vision Mode
Set to ON (not AUTO)
The problem is all your footage will be in black and white, but at least it works (well it does for me).
Some people said to try setting the Motion Detection Sensitivity to 100% under detection settings, but that did not work for me.
I also get a LOT of Error Code 05 “Failed to fetch the video from cloud”, on CamPlus.
It shows as Error Code 06 when reviewing from the Doorbell Cloud side, but on the camera cloud replay side it shows 05 as the error code.
I hope they get this figured out soon. It looks like they figured out the Indoor Plug (2021 version) problem with it going offline, so there is hope!


Anyone still has the issue?

For the last 2 days, my Doorbell has been working flawlessly and is connecting at lightning fast speed.
I don’t know if they fixed something on their server/cloud side but the doorbell has been operating nominally for some time now.

Please not that I also updated the my iOS app yesterday - the version that fixes the Cam v3 are detection issue.

I checked mine and it seems to be operational as normal! Authenticates as it should and shows live stream… will keep it running see if any dropout or other issues

Question. If your doorbell is stuck on 3 of 3 or any authentication issue for that matter… Does it stay like that until it eventually connects or does it time out/shutdown. after a certain time…? Or will it blink yellow forever…

In my case, it always ended-up connecting (except only 1 time where I powered cycle it but likely for nothing).

But again, it has been working flawlessly for the last 3 days - as if they fixed something cloud-side.

For a live view it always stuck at 3 if 3 with 20015 error code, but as soon as you hit refresh button on top of an error code it connects.

Can confirm that the night mode does the trick.

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So I purchased the 24volt power supply and so far it’s been connecting with no issues. For testing purposes I have the camera plugged into a closet upstairs away from the router with the door closed. I want to really put this doorbell under stress before I take it back outside to install it again. I have it running on HD mode and it shows all 3 bars and the KB/s fluctuate between 10 and 28kbs… Im waiting on a cat6 cable to run my extender and use that to connect to the doorbell at some point next week. Im giving this doorbell every chance. BTW Im running, I am not updating!

Mine has been running stable as it should for the last 7 days. It was not a firmware issue or power issue it was all fixed on the back end and since last Thursday all has been well! :slight_smile: Good job devs!

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Travelling, have you updated version or running on

Same version, when I started this thread some weeks ago.

Same issue log 593101

@danielroach350, thanks for the reply, but I can’t help with logs and I am not sure any devs are monitoring this thread.

@ArthurHz requested logs for this issue over in a different thread here:

I would suggest replying to that post over in that thread w\ your logs.

Alternatively, @WyzeJasonJ has posted an update to the known problem in the May Fix-it Friday thread below and requested logs with specific info. You can also go there and reply to Jason’s post with the problem description, requested info, and a log number.

Good Luck!

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I’m having the same problem. Has only been recently. Had to completely reprogram it the other night and now it’s doing the same thing - stuck at “authenticating”, or almost zero speed. Had a lot of issues when I first got it and then they fixed it with a firmware issue. Now it’s all screwed up again. Some terrible quality control on these firmware updates.

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