Streaming stops if I go to another app on my phone

When I’m viewing the app on my phone and I switch to another app, when I come back to wise app, the streaming starts over.
So if I close the app, will I still get notifications for motion detection or do I have to keep the app open constantly?

as long as in your settings you have allowed notifications, the wyze app does not need to be running

follow this article for iphone vs android and how to make sure notifications are allowed,that%20Allow%20Notifications%20is%20on.

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Thank you very much

Welcome to the group! What camera are you using?

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Pan cam

Okey thanks! Just wondering because the WCO deactivates motion detection while you are live streaming from it.

Okay now I’m lost again lol.

So if I open the app and click motion detection it will deactivate it I mean I’m not understanding. Sorry

Your fine where you are at with the Pancam. If your settings say you have motion notifications on, you will get them regardless of being in the app or not.

If you had a different camera, the WCO (Wyze camera outdoor) and we’re live viewing it, that is when detection is disabled. That doesn’t effect you as you are using a different camera. :slight_smile: