Strange dot on Wyzecam v2

So i have 5 of these cameras, use them for my indoor security.
And I was going through alerts, (mostly the cat) and my kitchen cam, now has a snowman shaped black dot. I’ve moved the camera, and it moves of course, looked at the lens, nothing on it. Reverted the firmware, and it’s still there. I think i have some bad pixels of something

Are you talking about the thing that looks like a table platform at the bottom center or something else? My first thought of that was it was a glass table, but I don’t see the glass tabletop. That is WAY to specific to be a bad pixel or something dirty on the lens. If that is not what you are talking about, please enlighten us as to what you are talking about.

Possible some parts or plastic flashing is loosen inside cam lens module.

Try shake it towards back to see if the dot is still there.

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Ya the weird figure 8 snowman shaped black thing. I assure you there is nothing there but floor

WOW Score. Gave it a shake and it’s gone. SO weird.
Thank you thank you

Permanent fix is to disasseble lens module, blow clean. However, if this works leave it. Could be more trouble to take it apart.

You can see the hole in the top of the rubber bushing and its sides, while the room is also in focus. The depth of field on these sensor / lens combinations is phenomenal.

Oh most assuredly!