Stopwatch function

Has anyone figured out the stopwatch function? Once I stop it, the time disappears, it goes back to the app screen and I don’t appear to have the ability to see time, pace, mileage, etc. I don’t think it has GPS, in which case it couldn’t compute mileage or pace without maybe a helper app on your phone (no idea, I’m spitballin’ here.)

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I don’t think it’s a true stopwatch function; it’s an exercise duration/length function. combined with your fat burn rate etc Then there’s an Alarm function that works as advertised.

Correct. It’s not really a stopwatch/chronograph since a chronograph has a start button and lap features. Not something that has a countdown and then starts. On another note, i used the timer feature today and found out if you want to leave the timer and check the current time of day, the only way is to stop the timer. Hmmm. So I’m wondering if this is a one trick at a time pony.