Stop the panning

Hi. How do I stop the panning? Also, I just want to detect people and packages. Please advise.


As I recall, the Pan V2 is the same and the original pan (Pan V3 is different).
Just below the picture where the row of icons for Sound, Record, etc, the right most one is More. Select More and then un-select “Pan Scan”. It will be green when selected.


In the image below, the Red circle, and then the green circle (shown un-selected).

And yea, my garage is a disaster area…


I’ve un-selected (grayed out) both Pan Scan and Motion Tracking and it is still rotating. What am I doing wrong?

Is it going to a specific location, waiting 10 seconds, moving to another location, waiting 10 seconds, moving to another location, etc, or does it appear to be tracking motion?

It is tracking motion. I’m not tracking sound either.

it appears to be tracking something. Maybe some small movements. It certainly does not stop for 10 seconds.