Stop from reconnecting when clicking through Gallery

BUG And this is a real pain. From grouped cameras, if I click on one, it has to go through the entire reconnection process which for me, it always fails.

REMEDY Let me zoom in/out from within the grouped view without having to reconnect by clicking through. Because in most case, all I want to do is see something zoomed in.

[EDITED] replaced my mistermology of “gallery” when it should have been: “Group.”

You want just a zoomed in image of whst is on the Home tab? Those images aren’t live.

Hey, no not home which is what you said; not live but yes, static from the last live look. I’m talking about grouped cams. Once in a group, when you click into the group, they are all live. Then once I’m in the group view, I want to see a particular cam so I click on it. It then goes through yet another painful connecting to cam process. Since they are already live, why couldn’t I be able to single out one cam without having to reconnected to already connected cam? I have a lot of cams so I have them in groups.

Also another enhancement I like to see to be able to view more than 3 in a >3 grouped view.

Thank you for clarifying. I meant grouped view.