Group - reloads when clicking on specifics

When viewing cams from the group, is it an issue that when I click on a single camera it reloads the whole 1/3,2/3,3/3.

That is, and has been since grouping was added, the way mine have worked. What I find odd is that most of the time it will connect and verify the group cams quickly but either will connect slowly or not connect at all when clicking on an individual cam.

This might be because in multi-view, they all connect at 360. You might have the individual cameras setup for SD or HD.

That is a good point -I had not noticed that and that is exactly how I have them set up.
Thanks! Learn something new every day! (Hopefully)"

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Doesn’t seem to matter about the resolution it goes through the whole reconnect finding, authenticating and getting camera data.

Yes, it re-authenticates any time you click into a different view.

How can I change this to be under the wishlist then?

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