Stolen Vehicle - Ford F350 Black

Ford F350 was stolen at 2am 01/09/2022 right outside our house in Portland OR. I have reported this information to the police. Please contact me if you have any video footage. It was in the Lair Hill/Corbett neighborhood.

Description of vehicle involved – Color: Black with wood bedsides, Make: Ford, Model: 350, Year: 2001, Type: Truck, License plate: C81263S, Other details: last seen 01/08/2022 at 11pm

Welcome to the forum @ellemarielee97.

Very sorry to hear of this unfortunate event. Sure hope if someone saw something or caught something on camera that they get you the information.

If you have not already done so, a suggestion, would be to use other platforms such as Facebook or Nextdoor that have more of a local community base to share your story in hopes of finding information.

Good Luck!