Stealing the Outdoor Cam V2

Was going to purchase numerous outdoor cams for security but there’s one concern.
Is the camera held onto the base via magnet? If so what prevents someone reaching up and stealing the camera itself? Please say this isn’t so!

Yes, the outdoor cams are held on via magnet. The base is screwed with a small keyhole.

Most security cams aren’t designed to be secured to the house very strong, and it’s best to just put the cam out of reach.


Outdoor cams are only meant to be used in battery-only situations. Please don’t buy them where you can safely power a camera, because the powered cameras are so much more capable.

That said, if you don’t release an Outdoor Camera from your account, then they can’t activate it. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know they were locked, that’s a smart feature.


Makes it difficult to change battery. Love Wyze but this was not thought through

This is the information about the WCO IF STOLEN:

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It is not difficult to recharge the batteries if you don’t put you cams at a high height or area not easy to access. I have 4 cams, and the 3 attached to the house are easily accessible with a six foot step ladder, they are at 8.5 feet. I charge 3 of them about every three months, the fourth cam gets charged about every 2 months because it is a very very busy cam doing scheduled event recording. Of course you could get a WYZE solar panel, connect it to the WCO and put the ladder away. :grin:

First thanks for all the responses. I need cams for a business which is closed after 10pm. I’m more worried about someone just stealing the cam…not worried about them using it. Wyze might want to think about making a mount that is attached to the bracket and not so easily removed.

You don’t have to use the supplied mount, I am using one similar to this that screws directly into the bottom of the camera. It can still be stolen if you stand on a ladder long enough to unscrew it. You can make you own security bracket with a small piece of sheet metal and the screw installed in the bottom.