Sprinkler w/plus and power outages


I had 4 hour power outage which also brought my wireless network down. By chance the power (and network with internet connectivity) was restored during the time my sprinkler was scheduled to run.

As it was heavy rains that caused the power outage, normally “plus” would have scheduled a skip. (BTW this feature works great!)

My sprinklers turned on after the power came on, and didn’t skip. Considering the power and network being down, I am not too shocked by that - rather water, than not water. But what was surprising is that I could not find a way to immediately turn them off in the App (network was up w/internet access). I tried several things like starting a quick run and then cancelling etc. But no luck. I ended up going outside into the garage and hitting the off button on the controller itself. This worked.

Sorry for the long story… My question is this… I have got to believe there should be away to abort the sprinklers by the App… Did I just miss it? Or is it an oversight?