Sprinkler Control Manual

Is there a manual or set of documents that explain what the various graphics mean? For example, when on the main screen what does the green line below the picture represent? How much has been watered? What is to be watered?

Further, when I pick a zone, what does the graph represent? What does say…51% and a down arrow to 13% mean?

A manual to explain would be very helpful - in fact is needed to understand how to use / setup the controller.

Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no manual, but there is some info on the support pages.


The green bar is the current soil measure. I believe the graph is the anticipated moisture

Many thanks.

So, how does the soil depletion option work? If I set it higher than 50% or lower that 50&?

This controller really needs a manual.

soil depletion? I looked for that setting but didn’t see it

That is exactly how Wyze does their manuals. In HTML format, published to the Support section, where people can find them during problem searches. So good link! :slight_smile:

Many THanks.
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