Spring is here

Confused birds think I’m putting up new houses for them this year.


That’s funny. Great capture.

My back yard camera sent me a notification today.
It took three viewings before I finally noticed a little squirrel running across the bottom of the frame.
Gotta raise the detection zone a little. :slight_smile:

I live in in the north east near lake Erie and two years ago we got our first black squirrel which I haven’t seen in our area in the 10 years we’ve been living there. it was a baby at the time and ran so fast I couldn’t tell what it was. it’s grown up now and as big as the others not as fast lol. It was funny watching it run around the yard back to the woods behind our house.

False alarms. With Spring comes a hatching of common house flies. The v2 pointed out a window towards the drive, garage has been getting triggered by a fly crawling on the glass window couple times a day.

For the past few Spring through Autumn a suction cup mounted tray bird feeder has been placed on this window. 2nd story makes it bear resistant. No feeder up yet. Recently a few of the blackcap chickadees have been flying up to take look. Hint. It’s Spring. Time to take down the other feeders.