Splash screen when launching app?

Seriously? A splash screen when launching the latest iPhone app? And you wonder why folks are moving to other ways for controlling their devices.

Why do you have a splash screen? You think the user doesn’t already know they purchased Wyze devices? We want fast access to device control… not advertisements.

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Assuming you are talking about the main colorful screen with Wyze tattooed all over it, then that main splash screen only appears the first time you log on. After that, it will let you in quickly. If for some reason you are logged out, you will see the splash screen again until you login.

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Yes why have a splash screen at all. Annoying. And then advertisements about their subscription services.

At least put an option in app settings to disable both.

Android Production. Every time the App is launched, even after login. Sometimes slow, sometimes quick, depending on signal and Internet speed.

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I think the Wyze app always had this, it just used to be a different color. At least on IOS it doesn’t take any longer than it used to.

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Yep, it used to be a plain teal background with white “WYZE” when starting the app session. The app displays the splash page while authenticating and obtaining the profile settings and device data from the server to populate the home page rather than pulling stagnant cache data. A splash page is more appropriate than a blank screen during app startup.


I understand the need for the splash screen but simpler is better. The new screen looks like a garbage can blew up spewing trash about. Really bad for such a hip brand. Maybe there’s a way to allow for a choice of screens? Mine would be the clean teal with logo before it got scrambled with junk.