Speaking over video doorbell is highly distorted

When speaking over video doorbell it is highly distorted.

If i send the precanned messages to the video doorbell they are not distorted.

This occurs using wyze app on samsung galaxy 22+ phone and galaxy tab 7 tablet both running latest android 12. It does not reproduce using our apple iphone 13 pro max phone and ipad 12" 2020 devices running latest ios 15.

How do i correct the speaking output on samsung phone and tablet devices so people at the door can understand what i am saying.

My video doorbell V1 also has the same very bad audio quality. Since there are no settings to adjust the audio quality or volume, best you can do is make sure the firmware is up to date.

If you have a VDBv1, I would highly suggest you check your firmware version first and read the threads\posts about the newer versions BEFORE you update.

Thanks for the reply. I just bought video doorbell so i assume i have whatever the latest model is. In the wyze app device info for it the model simply says “Wyze Doorbell” and the firmware version is showing “” with that being the latest version.

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Yes. That is the VDBv1. The other is the VDB Pro (battery).

FYI and very strong recommendation: DO NOT UPGRADE the firmware even if it tells you one is available. Check back here first! is a production FW version for shipped units. The firmware has been updated to and since then which were both halted at one point. Both versions cause some catastrphic issues. There haven’t been any new updates for a significant time since these two versions.

There will be threads here in the forum when the next Beta and Release Candidate are tested so you can get an idea if they are safe.

If you would like to read about the issues experienced with those versions, do a search :mag_right: for those version numbers.

Thanks for the confirmation on device model version number. Likewise with issues arising in recent 4.25.1.x firmware update offerings.

Given the highly distorted phone/tablet microphone input to doorbell speaker output communications channel arises only on my android phone and tablet, which presumably the mobile OS flavor you are running as well, and not on apple iOS devices it suggests we have an issue with android version of wyze app.

I have to wonder if support and dev team are aware of a seemingly easy to reproduce matter on their side. I would think testing of that communications channel on android as well as iOS is a part of their mobile application’s integration test suite.

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Android 11. Your last post w\ the Android App version discussion prompted me to remember… I just updated to the newest Public Release app after having been on the Beta app for the longest time. I just tested the 2-way audio on the latest app and it is actually intelligible coming out of the doorbell. Much better than before. The volume could use a boost, but intelligible. An improvement I think.

I also tested it on VOIP. Aside from the eons it takes for the VOIP call to connect, it was also intelligible but not as good of quality as the 2-way. Still too low on the volume but the speaker is what… The size of a pencil eraser if that.

How do i tell when i’m using 2-way audio between android app and video doorbell and when i’m using the voip alternative you mention?

The two different options i could see for enabling microphone on my side seemed to differ only in that one was as part of response to someone ringing the doorbell and the other was part of a live stream session with the doorbell.

The two way audio. Is when you are live streaming it in the Wyze app and press the audio\mic button in the live stream viewer.

The VOIP is when you press the doorbell button and it places a VOIP video phone call to your phone that you answer and streams the video and audio to the phone call app.