Sound records / timeline records while manual recording

I’ve come up with two notices:

  1. With the sound detection at full sense range, what sets the cam to record? Often, my mom will have conversations with herself which, while monitoring, I’ll assume is being recorded, but none found. It seems only when loud bangs or crashed happen does it record. Reasonable enough, but at what decibel level then does it start recording at full setting?

  2. So I can click manual record, but realize it doesn’t seem to record on the timeline while I’m manually recording. Neither have I expected it too, but wanted to know if if actually can record at the same time I am manually recording. I never am sure if it’s recording (doesn’t have a red dot or anything as other systems, showing when recording) so I don’t know if I should trust something is recording or I should just click manual and hang around to same a manual recording instead.

I’d prefer letting it record, then I can manual record and save anything from the playback, but without a “live recording” indicator, it’s a guess.


David V.