Sound detection horrible!

No. The sounds are all different and very soft. They’re not coming from the camera.

I have a V2 that detects strange clunks and sounds daily in an unoccupied location.

The 2 cameras that I previously had set up to detect sound and send notifications,started working properly again , after having sound detection and notifications turned off on them for 2-3 weeks,

I’m not sure what happened , but the other day I was playing around with them to see if I could try something else to fix them that I had not tried yet, but, all I did was turn all the settings back the way I had them in the past and now it is working as it should, as it did in the past.
I set the sensitivity setting to 20 percent , as before , and it is no longer picking up every tiny sound and I’m not hearing any clunking sounds anymore.
It was not a firmware fix because each have different firmware on them , they both did not work right before , they both do ,now work right , one has , one has

Has anyone else seen this issue clear up ?

I’m a new user of the V2 and V3 cameras and I noticed the same popping noise. A bit disturbing when there is no audible noise in the room. I did notice that the V3 camera doesn’t have the same sensitivity problem so something must have been fixed. Just an annoyance.