Sort and search device list in Wyze app

As a Wyze user with many devices shared across many accounts, I would like for Wyze to sort the home screen entries alphabetically by device name ascending by default with an option to reverse the sort to descending and add a text search input bar that performs a “contains” search as I type, similar to many other mobile apps that present lists, so that I can quickly find the device I’m interested in.


[Mod Note: Title changed to include both requested features]

LOL/ You can do that yourself. See the Edit icon (Pencil) in the upper right corner? Just press that, select Edit Devices. Then you use the three line menu on the right to move devices up and down. Press Done, when done.

LOL/ No thanks. I’ll grant you that you offer a workaround, but I don’t want to do that manually. Sorting automatically would be trivial. Request stands.

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I would also like to be able to do this. I do mostly sort mine alphabetically manually…I put cameras and a couple devices used multiple times per day up top, and everything else is alphabetical. It is a pain to arrange everything this way (I have 200+ devices), so an easy sort option would be nice…Sort by name, sort by date added, etc. Maybe let us use tags and pin “cameras” up top or “priority devices” up top or something, and sort everything else alphabetically or by device type or something. Sorting options would be so great.

Manual sorting is not a big deal for people who only have a couple of devices, but when we have dozens or hundreds, it becomes a much bigger issue.

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