Solar Powered Pergolas with Multiple WyzeCams

After building and posting about my solar powered WyzeCam mailbox, I decided to take on a few additional challenges to incorporate cameras into my yard without the need for conventional AC power. I decided to build two solar covered/powered pergolas. The first would cover my prized Weber BBQ grill, vent any smoke, power landscape and motion sensor lights, and (of course) power two WyzeCams covering the grill itself and the pool area. They were lengthy projects for sure, but now I can see if my steaks are burning, the kids are misbehaving in the pool, or my neighbor is dumping extra pool water into my lawn and killing my grass. First are the specs and photos of the BBQ Pergola. Below them will be the specs and photos of the Sitting Pergola. If anyone has any questions regarding parts, etc., please let me know. I’m here to help if I can.

BBQ Pergola
500 Watts Solar, 100 Amp Hour LifePo4 Battery, 1000 Watt pure sine Inverter (in case I want to run something on AC in my backyard), 2 x 12" 12v radiator fans to vent smoke, 2 x 12v motion detector floodlights, powers 8 x 5 watt landscape lights and 10x 12 watt deck lights. Of course, I have two WyzeCam v2 to watch everything.

Sitting Pergola
315 Watt Solar System, 100Amp Hour LifePo4 Battery, Multiple 1/2 Watt Deck Lights, Several 5 Watt 12v Landscape Lights, 12v Accessory Port (to charge phones and Bluetooth speakers), and one WyzeCam v2 to keep my neighbor in check :slight_smile: BTW, the camera view is down the side of my house and does not peer into the neighbors yard. I am not invading anyone’s personal space/privacy, just protecting mine.


Impressive project. :+1: