So MANY emails

I enjoy getting emails about new Wyze products, I bought the watch because of an email.

How do I reduce the number of emails I receive every day? I’ve gotten two per day over the last week, mostly duplicate duplicates.

The only choice on my profile is to either stop them or keep getting them.

I “unsubscribe” ANY business that sends me me email more then once a day and I think that’s even overboard.

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Careful. Sometimes any reply just confirms for spammers that you are real and the address is valid. An unsubscribe could put you on a sell list to other spammers even though you successfully unsubscribed. Yep, sometimes there’s no win in these processes.

Notice I said any BUSINESS that already has my email address. I would contend anyway, that two emails a day IS a spammer. If you never subscribed in the first place, I would use unsubscribe lightly and more likely just junk and delete. If you use a gmail addy, it’s easy to block emails.